.4 coffee shop

Sitting alone in the coffee shop. On my table is my computer, bottle of water, book and of course a cup of coffee. It’s a weekday, so i guess it’s not really that busy here compared to a weekend. However all the tables around me are still full.

Ahead of me a woman with one shoulder exposed, her hair brushed covering her other shoulder. She sits contently eating her small pot of fruit… smiling more and more after each bite. Who knew mango and blueberries gave such pleasure. To her right is an older woman. She sits there reading her book in silence juxtaposing her loud floral blouse. Between her and the next table sits a large lamp switched off- it’s still daytime. The two youths sit there quietly studying, occasionally exchanging words. School children? possible. The twiddling of pens between revision notes, interrupted by the occasional crunch of popcorn.

Studying seems to be a popular activity in these kinds of coffee shop. School children and university students taking notes from overused text books or stylish laptops adorned with stickers- an assertion of their personality in an otherwise quiet atmosphere. Between the tables of diligent students cramming last minute revision are tables of couples and friends- each in their own worlds. Women discussing rumours, men gossiping away,  and couples enjoying a quick retreat from their everyday lives- embracing each others company, discussing sweet nothings.

Sitting by the window there is a stark contrast between the inside coffee shop and the outside street. The street littered with individuals shut in their own bubbles, hurrying along. Outside there is no eye contact, or contact at all.


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