.10 girl on the overground. (long time no see)

Photo 21-09-2017, 9 44 40 am

Tapping my Oyster I pass through the gates,
head down craving a shot of caffeine and a cigarette.
I spy the Dr Martens, slightly warn and her pink socks poking through the top.
I raise my eyes
and fall in love.
I fall in love with her style, so casual yet so fashionable.
From the tote dangling from her shoulder, rock’n roll tee and smoky eye shadow.
She slips away.
Where is she going, the train comes in seven minutes. Is everything okay?
She passes back through the gates-
there goes my girl on the overground.
It was too good to be true but as I look back again she stops,
lights up a cigarette, kingsize by the looks of it, maybe Marlboro Gold.
If only i had a cigarette too… I could go up to her, initiate conversation-
initiate love.
Sigh as I look back to the departure board, only a few minutes left.
She’s back.
Our eyes meet.
My heart leaps, she’s so beautiful…
Then we board the train. I grab the seat next to hers, this should be perfect.
Alas, my heart sinks, I’m shaking.
I can’t speak.
Canada Water. I get off the train.
How I could I be so scared, I couldn’t speak.
Her beauty, my shyness is a curse. If only I could speak-
sure she has an instagram, we could be following each other.
But I’ll never get to know, the girl on the overground.
A fleeting love gone in a heartbeat.



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