.11 depression and desire

I’m depressed, in a rut, bored or whatever. I’m depressed. Outside of the dull repetition of life I’m stuck with my imagination- my perverted mind. The permanent sweat patches stain my bed from lack of sleep and masturbation… at least three times a day. I can’t stop… I’m perverted. I’m depressed. I crave the touch… Continue reading .11 depression and desire

.7 stand by me

Stand by me- The din of the homeless man outside Strumming his out of tune guitar singing pop songs of decades past.  Four years I’ve passed him, Four years I’ve heard him sing the same songs.  REM, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan.  All songs filled with such warmth.  Even a man with nothing can produce these… Continue reading .7 stand by me

.6 life in pastels

A minimalistic caricature of your living room in pastel blues, pinks and greens.  The saxophone oozing from the radio hi-fi dancing to the rhythm of the gentle drums and bouncing bass.  Close your eyes everything turns into pastel, elegant, simplistic and bright.  Sounds turn into a smooth ambient fusion  Of synth and jazz.   Pastel… Continue reading .6 life in pastels