.10 girl on the overground. (long time no see)

Tapping my Oyster I pass through the gates, head down craving a shot of caffeine and a cigarette. I spy the Dr Martens, slightly warn and her pink socks poking through the top. I raise my eyes and fall in love. I fall in love with her style, so casual yet so fashionable. From the… Continue reading .10 girl on the overground. (long time no see)

.6 life in pastels

A minimalistic caricature of your living room in pastel blues, pinks and greens.  The saxophone oozing from the radio hi-fi dancing to the rhythm of the gentle drums and bouncing bass.  Close your eyes everything turns into pastel, elegant, simplistic and bright.  Sounds turn into a smooth ambient fusion  Of synth and jazz.   Pastel… Continue reading .6 life in pastels