.11 depression and desire

I’m depressed, in a rut, bored or whatever. I’m depressed. Outside of the dull repetition of life I’m stuck with my imagination- my perverted mind. The permanent sweat patches stain my bed from lack of sleep and masturbation… at least three times a day. I can’t stop… I’m perverted. I’m depressed. I crave the touch… Continue reading .11 depression and desire

.10 girl on the overground. (long time no see)

Tapping my Oyster I pass through the gates, head down craving a shot of caffeine and a cigarette. I spy the Dr Martens, slightly warn and her pink socks poking through the top. I raise my eyes and fall in love. I fall in love with her style, so casual yet so fashionable. From the… Continue reading .10 girl on the overground. (long time no see)

.8 cigarettes and alcohol

Late night karaoke with Brit-pop anthems blaring.  Five cans down and you’re a rock’n roll star  unstoppable. Sneering, nasal epitaphs of former glory.  You reminisce times gone by, now seven cans and onto your second pack of cigarettes.  Cigarettes and alcohol you sneer boasting a life of only your dreams.  With 10 cans brings your… Continue reading .8 cigarettes and alcohol